Auto Pop is an unconventional branded display solution that eases the logistical process throughout the corporate value chain, from manufacturing and shipment to client delivery and in-store or onsite display. The product aims to enhance the store and packaging work streams in order to add efficiency gains and, ultimately, an increase in productivity and the bottom line. The solution is product-neutral, meaning we designed it to blend right into your supply chain, irrespective of the industry. Auto Pop has received accolades from customers, industry observers and logistics experts for its unique configuration.

  • Is patented, state-of-the-art technology Assembles automatically in seconds Folds down to a compact and light-weight package, enabling reduced logistics.
  • Is five times less bulky than traditional displays
Adapts to a wide array of sizes, shapes and styles
Allows a high level of in-store compliance thanks to its easy assembly Is cost-effective.
  • Is the only pop-up display in the world featuring a unique hexagonal patented inner mechanism that allows heavy-product-load bearing.